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The University of Kentucky is committed to serve as an advocate for minority, women and disabled-owned businesses in their efforts to conduct business.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) consist of minority, women and disabled business firms that are at least fifty-one percent owned and operated by an individual(s) of the aforementioned categories. Also included in this category are disabled business enterprises and non-profit work centers for the blind and severely disabled.

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Our goals are defined as follows:

  • To increase the amount of goods and services acquired by the university from businesses owned and controlled by DBEs
  • To ensure the absence of barriers that reduce the participation of DBEs
  • Educate vendors on “how to” do business with the university
  • Support DBEs vendors seeking to do business with the university in the areas of goods, services and construction
  • Encourage participation of qualified DBE designated vendors by directing them to agencies that can benefit from their product or service
  • Provide resources for DBE vendors
  • Maintain a database of designated DBE vendors for use by general contractors and other purchasing entities seeking qualified vendors
  • Sponsor seminars and conduct training workshops to assist DBE designated vendors become an active participant in the university’s contracting opportunities


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